Clipping Analysis

Clipping analysis, information intelligence. Monitoring and analyzing stories published daily by the press (online and offline) is important in understanding the market and how brands are perceived by journalists, who are responsible in large part for shaping public opinion.

Art Presse has developed its own methodology that selects, identifies and classifies the main news of a given market, according to their order of importance and impact on business. Clipping reports are delivered daily to a group of recipients via email with a summary / analysis of the news.

This service is of the utmost importance for brands that operate in critical, competitive and regulated markets and can signal latent or potential crises situations.

Adding Views and Comments

Visibility in the press is important for brand perception and recognition, but the clipping report — a collection of articles that have already been published — also serves as an important starting point.

Each of these reports may include comments from employees and partners to complement and add insights, and can be used to convey relevant messages to various audiences that follow the trajectory of the company and its brands.