Universal Channel: the strength of a brand

On September 1, 2004, Art Presse launched Universal Channel in Brazil, a brand that replaced USA channel throughout Latin America, in an action technically known as “rebranding”. The brand belongs to NBCUniversal Comcast, one of the largest media groups in the world and its Brazilian operation runs in partnership with Globosat.

In collaboration with its partners at Universal Channel, Art Presse developed an integrated Public Relations strategy to communicate to the market and…

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Globosat: the targeting that makes the difference

In 1992 Art Presse was invited by the Globo group to be Globosat’s PR / Press agency.

The pay-TV business, launched by Mathias Machline (Canal +) in March of 1989, was considered strategic by Organizações Globo. In 1992, they called upon Antonio Athayde to reengineer their operation, replacing Joe Wallach, who had a key role in the launch of Globosat in November 1991….

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Broadband & NET: how to launch a brand

No one knew what broadband was in 1995. The following year, a group of Globocabo executives led by Moysés Pluciennik made the first push to transform NET cable networks into a data transmission network – which would later be known as broadband Internet.

The initiative aimed to attract manufacturers and solution providers that could assist in operating this type of service, which had no specific regulations yet.

Art Presse actively participated in this project as a…

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Bike: behaviors that change a country

Today everyone talks about biking. In 1990, Brazil began to change. Experts say President Collor’s rise to power led to the country re-opening its market and allowing companies to import products (the import market had been closed since 1974 due to the oil crisis).

This so-called “economic re-opening” brought new habits, products and services. Among them, a behavioral tendency: the practice of “action sports”, which required sophisticated equipment, not produced here. Specialized mountain bikes were beginning…

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