LivaNova: treatment for epilepsy with cutting-edge technology

The life of a patient with epilepsy can be full of limitations, especially in cases where the symptoms of the disease – such as loss of consciousness, strong muscle contractions, body tremors and sudden falls – are frequent, and conventional medications do not work.

Thanks to technology and medical advances, this condition can be alleviated through a minimally invasive and effective surgical treatment, the so-called VNS Therapy. The technique consists of placing a metallic device, which works as an energy generator similar to a pacemaker, in the chest, under the skin. This generator transmits electrical pulses to three electrodes that are placed on the vagus nerve, located in the patient’s neck, which allows the stimuli to reach the brain.

Art Presse worked with LivaNova, a medical innovation company, to promote the launch of an equipment with this cutting-edge technology in Brazil and create more awareness about this type of treatment, generating repercussions in the main media vehicles from different regions across the country. The SenTiva® generator, manufactured by the company, offers a highly technological system, which includes the possibility of remote programming and complete customization of the treatment to meet the specific needs of each patient, according to medical advice.

With so many innovations that improve the quality of life of people with epilepsy, the press recognized the matter as being of public interest. Through Art Presse’s PR work, vehicles such as CBN, G1 and Record (on the shows Fala, Brasil and Jornal da Record), besides the main regional newspapers in each state, published articles on the subject. Articles were written on how VNS therapy reduces the number of hospitalizations and the need for hospital care in general, offering more safety and convenience to patients during the pandemic; about the technology not yet being implemented in the public health system despite already having the approval for it; among many other relevant information that make a difference to the health of the population.

In addition, as refractory epilepsy is quite common in children, we elaborated a special strategy for Children’s Day, promoting awareness materials using LivaNova’s educational resources specially made for children. With that, we had great feedback from specialized portals such as Hospitais Brasil.

Foto: Imagem da campanha didática da LivaNova Brasil, que usa um desenho animado para explicar o procedimento de implante da terapia VNS para as crianças. (LivaNova/Reprodução)

During the campaign, we also had the support of doctors and directors of the Brazilian Epilepsy Association, as well as patients who agreed to share their stories with the press about how the technology has impacted their lives. As a result, we were able to actively promote awareness about the importance of access to this type of neurological treatment throughout Brazil.

Foto: O Gerador SenTiva®, da LivaNova, tem sistema de programação de última geração para o tratamento de pacientes com epilepsia resistente a medicamentos. (LivaNova/Reprodução)
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