AdPolice: digital patrol at the service of e-commerce

In recent years – even more so because of the pandemic – Brazilians have adopted a new consumption habit, moving from shopping in-person to shopping online. Knowing that this reality is only going to consolidate itself more and more, brands that operate on the internet need, more than ever, to resort to online ads to stand out in the market. But not everything is perfect: with the growth of e-commerce, cases of digital fraud and unfair competition, prohibited by law, also grow.

One of the most common forms of unfair competition in digital commerce is “brand bidding”, the act of using competitors’ keywords in advertisements and sponsored links for one’s own benefit. This means that, when looking for the name of the desired brand on the internet, the potential consumer ends up being redirected to the competitor’s website, and not to the brand they wanted in the first place.

AdPolice, the world’s largest digital patrol company, has been fighting the illegal practice of Brand Bidding (trademark click fraud) and Ad Hijacking in Brazil since 2016. Art Presse’s job was to promote awareness of the unfair competition in the practice of e-commerce, positioning AdPolice as the ideal partner and specialist to contain these practices considered criminal in Brazil.

Through our Press Relations strategy, unfair competition on the internet became the topic of the main media outlets in the country, such as Estadão, Terra, Yahoo!, CNN, Jovem Pan, Istoé, Istoé Dinheiro, Exame, UOL, Pequenas Empresas, Grandes Negócios, Canaltech, Meio e Mensagem, E-Commerce Brasil and Migalhas. In addition, the AdPolice director began to be interviewed frequently to address the matter as an expert. With the topic gaining the media, more people will be aware of the risks of having their ads usurped and will be able to take the necessary measures to protect their brands.

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