Strategy & Consulting

1) Each company has its own market strategy and DNA.
2) A company’s culture is created by its people.
3) Every brand is original.

Art Presse is a boutique agency that offers unique Communication Strategy & Consulting services that celebrate originality, community and brand purpose.

Art Presse has developed a methodology that involves interpersonal communication, in-depth analysis and immersion into its clients’ business development processes in order to offer strategic communication services that have a comprehensive view of the paths and possibilities involved in the construction of “scenarios” of brand perception.

This kind of “media neutral” approach stems from companies having to understand their raison d’être, the principles of their founders & what makes them unique, and that communication is the exact measure and projection of their integrity. Projecting brand personas should emerge from these concepts and not from other tools available such as advertising or PR.

Media neutrality is important to Art Presse as it puts consultants at ease upon advising management to make choices in line with their best interest, at the best moment.

The communication matrix concept is based on the design thinking model and gives brands a comprehensive view of the possibilities of communicating effectively and economically with different audiences through various outlets, maintaining conceptual unity and effective control of what is being relayed.