Internal Communication

Internal communication is about providing communication and engagement services to a company’s main audience – its internal audience.

The reason for the success or failure of a brand launch is linked to the involvement of its employees and collaborators, who are its main propagators as long as they are properly informed and motivated.

Communication is an essential tool in this strategy.

Integrating Content

The corporate communications agency is an integral part of a company’s core business process. Meanwhile, internal communication can be one of the keys to any brand strategy. Similarly to brand executives, the agency and its professionals understand what makes each company unique, where the market is heading and how the public perceives its brands.

These are the most suitable professionals for the production of strategic content, those that the corporation needs to convince and inform, in an ethical and unquestionable manner.

Art Presse develops this content – offline and online – which is incorporated into corporate websites in line with each company’s PR and communication strategy.

Internal communication strategies work even better when brands also develop integrated actions in digital formats. Art Presse can involve 140, its social media agency, throughout the entire process.