Strategy & Consulting

Consultancy and
communication for brands.

PR Agency

Press office and relationship
with the media.


Activation and Relationship
with Influencers.


Construction and
public image management.

Special Events

Operation of bespoke
corporate events.


Production of online and offline editorial content.

Branded Content

Proprietary narratives,
content and media.

Owner Media

Your company’s brand is
a vehicle of communication.

Clipping Analysis

Business tool and
insight generation.

Data Analysis

Mapping, monitoring
and reputation assessment.

Internal Communication

Engagement of your
company’s employees.

Media Training

Training to empowering
executives to the press.



Crisis Management

Crisis management. Any situation beyond the company’s control and gaining public visibility can be considered a crisis: a complaint, an accident, a product violation, a strike, a robbery, a crisis involving the employer and its employees, a lawsuit, a bankruptcy, a customer complaint in the media.


Building brands and creating cases.