LivaNova: medical innovation known to the public

In 2020 and 2021, amidst the covid-19 pandemic, the importance of medical treatments related to the respiratory system began to gain more prominence, since the disease can cause severe respiratory syndromes. In a period when there was still no vaccine, extracorporeal oxygenation machines – the so-called ECMO, using cutting-edge technology – gained the media attention  for saving lives of coronavirus patients.

Art Presse worked with LivaNova, a global medical technology company that manufactures machines like ECMO, to promote the benefits the equipment could provide to patients, especially those in critical condition, with severely impaired lung function. Through our activities, major national vehicles recognized the subject as a public interest, and ECMO became news in Veja, UOL and in several specialized portals, such as Hospitais Brasil. The subject gained even greater prominence when personalities received this type of technological treatment.

Photo: LivaNova’s ECMO S5CP5 machine for extracorporeal oxygenation.

Besides this equipment, which works as an artificial lung, LivaNova offers an autotransfusion technology, a technique used in surgeries where the patient’s blood, which would be lost during the procedure, is recovered, undergoing filtration and removal of any impurities, and then re-transfused into the patient himself. Thus, problems that could arise from a conventional blood transfusion, such as contamination and/or rejection, are practically eliminated, since the patients receive their own blood.

With this technology, called XTRA, LivaNova appeared again in the main Brazilian newspapers, including national TV. Identifying that many blood centers in the country had a problem of lack of supply, Art Presse developed a regional strategy for each state that suffered with low blood reserves at the time – Alagoas, Bahia, Ceará, Goiás, Paraná and São Paulo – with press releases that promoted awareness about the importance of blood donation and presented the XTRA machine as a high-tech alternative for some cases where there is a lot of blood loss during surgery. The campaign resulted in a greater public awareness about the technology and also about the dimension of the supply problems.

During our PR activities, we also had the support of the president of the Brazilian Society of Cardiovascular Surgery, who spoke to the press about the importance of autotransfusion as a safe alternative to blood transfusions in heart surgeries and also about the queues for cardiovascular medical care in the public health system. With this, autotransfusion and the importance of prioritizing heart surgeries were news on Veja, Record (on the show Domingo Espetacular), CNN, Band, Jovem Pan, UOL, Estadão and O Globo, besides other major regional vehicles in each state.

Photo: XTRA autotransfusion equipment, also manufactured by LivaNova.
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